Mr. and Mrs. Hawes

“Dominique Riggs, Modern Living Homes Ltd, is a personal friend of ours and for that reason I didn’t want to use him for our renovation & extension project. I didn’t want there to be an awkwardness if things didn’t go to plan. My husband persuaded me. Thank goodness he did.

With Dom, you don’t just get a builder, you get a designer too. He has the most incredible vision. His rigorous attention to detail throughout the whole project meant there is nothing we would change. Everything was thought through by following Dom’s guidance.

There were many occasions when I would be asked a question. My usual reply would be what would you have? I then said “Do that then”. The pressure of choosing was lifted on many occasions.

The finished project has been met with admiration from all that see it. One person asked “What’s it like to have the nicest house in the village!” Our builder friends respect the skills employed on the project & our neighbours are happy with how in keeping with the village the house has become.

Throughout the project Dominique and his team respected the fact that for part of the time we were living there & for all of the time my office remained open there. This took some planning of course but Dominique managed it all, seemingly with ease.”